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This is a blog where we will post pictures for all of our adventures, photoshoots, and all that other jazz we want to do. Remember to follow our channel on youtube to help with your cosplay needs.
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preview of the feels that are soon to come. sorry working on costumes for ohayocon has kept me so busy. - <3 crumpets

sorry about the mini hiatus, been working on costumes for ohayocon, more pics to come. I promise <3


teacrumpetscosplay thanks for a great panel

I was PB and I was lucky enough to get a picture with these two awesome cosplayers: Marceline and Ice King

Tea and Crumpets as Marceline and Simon~
Great panel at ichibancon

Thank you so much~ :D


Grrrr guess what I got in the mail today 

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Cosplay is something for everyone to enjoy, from those wearing the costumes to those around them. Everyone means everyone, not just those who are skinny or those who have the most money. If you want to cosplay, don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Love what you do, and the world will love you.”

~Misa on Wheels (https://www.facebook.com/MisaOnWheels)


Patterns a foooam #cosplay #wip #patterns #foam #canyouguessit

Need to add inserts and  fix up them hems and I’m gooood to go! #cosplay #wip #sewing #canyouguessit